May 11, 2022

Was I fooling myself into higher education? | Life After Graduating College | A Dreamers Dream


When you make the decision to attend college, it's one that you think long and hard on. It's a process  choosing the place that is fitting for you; but when you make up your mind to gain higher learning, it feels as though you're on top of the world. You are hopeful that the steps you are taking will lead you to high-quality opportunities, at least that is what the colleges make you think. In reality, that's a BIG NO, as for me I attended college later than some so I wasn't surprised or new to the 'unfortunately emails'. It's sad that millions are suffering from student loans and the heartaches of not gaining those careers that had hoped for.

This is an epidemic that needs to be investigated, Why aren't companies hiring as they claim to be? It is upsetting that graduates have to take side gigs or jobs that they don't care for. As children when we are taught to go after our dreams, but once we do we are hit with the harsh reality. It is not easy adulting, and the truth of the matter is, this is America. I often question will we ever advance like Canada where education is free and people aren't suffering from financial despair. 

As a fresh graduate, I'm running into a lot of road blocks and I'm frustrated to the max. So, I guess you wonder how I continue to keep going, well I remain optistimic because no matter what is thrown my way I know I will prevail. God, doesn't give you more than you can bear. My faith is all I have to go after my dreams, although I'm going through it, I just remember God will bring me to whatever calling he has on my life.

See, sometimes we have a plan for ourselves but God has an even bigger, greater plan for us. So, I say all this to say, remain focus and continue to be somewhat delusional, once you allow yourself to be free is when you will experience your big breakthrough.

*This message isn't just for graduates, this is for all the dreamers.

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