March 02, 2022

Get paid to be a influencer + 3 influencer platforms | Influencer Series

 Hi, lovebugs! 💛

If you're an online influencer or want to start your journey, I have a few influencer platforms and affiliates that you can partake in. There are many available so I will be sharing them in an all-new series called "the influencer series". The opportunities are endless in the influencer market and I understand how it may feel overwhelming when you're just starting out. Not only you may not where to begin but there are many influencers that charge just to get their "influencer platform lists". That's not the case here, all the information is FREE and so are the platforms I will be sharing. The ONLY thing I would love for you all to do is to SHARE this original blog post.

With BrandBacker you can join over 30,000 influencers and creators receiving weekly opportunities for free products, paid posts and discounts + more. You can develop relationships with brands, build your audience, monetize your blogs, and receive products to showcase to your audience.

Thousands of opportunities at your fingertips to discover new brands with no contracts, no gimmicks. You are in control of which campaign you want to be apart of. Monitor and learn about your audience growth all from your influencer profile. Negotiate your rates and manage all your payments through the influencer payment portal.

This is the place that ALL creators will love because with Insense you're able to be most creative, making your content filled with fun. You are able to choose between content creation campaigns or influencer campaigns. Each collaboration can be managed in the mobile app and you can talk directly to each brand manager. As soon as your content is approved you get paid fast. 

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