August 23, 2021

How to start a blog and tips to help you start making money

Blogging is no secret, it may seem shocking to some just how bloggers monetize their content and bring in the big bucks doing so, but it's nothing new. It's more common nowadays and many are ditching their regular jobs and putting their focus on blogging full-time. I love reading about success stories like this. It gives me and others hope that if we continue putting in the effort towards the things we want in our lives, it will pay off. Now, my Journey as a blogger has been a long road and in the beginning I was doing so well but with life comes changes and with changes come inconsistency.  I often think about my humble beginnings and then think about where I am now, I could've been far ahead if I only stayed consistent with my content.

"What made me so inconsistent?"

The best answer to that question is, I didn't understand my niche. As a beginner you try to capture everything to bring in every audience but the truth is you have to understand what type of blogger you are. Are you into diy projects, beauty, hair, fashion, lifestyle, reviews, and the list goes on. It might not seem important but its essential to any blogger, you have to know your niche to draw in the right audience that will be interested in the content you will be posting. So, once I realized this was one of my downfall I decided to change and focus on one niche.

Not knowing what that was in the beginning is what cause my inconsistency as a blogger. Today, I feel more established and I'm happy although I wished I figured this out years ago, the journey towards this has been rewarding overall. As a blogger, we do post out of love but it's even better to get paid to do what you love. So, there are many ways for you to start making money with your content. It's not hard monetizing your blog you just need to know what sites to use to help you, I want you to refer back to this blog post 'GOOGLE ADSENSE DIDN’T PAY ME MY FIRST $100, HOW I’M MAKING MONEY NOW'. In this post I did discuss how Google Adsense didn't pay me but I still want to let you know their platform is one you can use, it will be up to you to use it or not.

Also, mentioned in the blog post are two sites I use now to generate income from clicks on my customized links. Another way to make income is from sponsored paid post(s), this is where you will  either be contacted or you contact a company and charge a fee for a paid post. Trust me it's a legit thing, my first paid post from a company that found my blog and I charged them a rate and they agreed to it, and that was in the beginning so it's something that can be accomplished. The next thing you can do to make money is to charge for ad space, if you look to the right of the screen you will see that I'm offering brand(s) and companies to purchase ad space through my blog. With this method you can also contact them on your own, be sure to create a detailed email describing your blog and social media to help the brand or company see what you can bring to their business.

This may all seem intimidating but you have to hustle and create your opportunities in this business. I also want to encourage you as well because it won't happen overnight but with hard work and determination it can be achieved. You can do this!




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