August 05, 2021

How to go after your life goals

 Lately, I've had the time to reflect on life and my goals, for a while I had been struggling to try to figure out what I needed to do in order to push forward. The answer revealed itself clearly, Just Do It. Life can be funny, through the ups and downs we have to remember we all have a purpose to fulfill. Being able to push forward is essential, we can't waddle when it comes to what we want out our lives. So with this post, I want to encourage you all to go after your dreams and never stop believing in yourself.


"Make it happen for yourself don't live another year just wishing."


God doesn't bring us somewhere just to bring us, you have a purpose for your life. Everything you go through serves as a purpose,  life is a marathon nothing will happen over night but if you continue to work on your goals you will achieve them. Hard work, dedication is needed along the journey, stay true to your vision. As a prime example, if you pray for something and you're putting in the work, you will succeed at your goals. Now if you're praying and not putting in any work you will see no results. So this year, leave fear at the door and just do whatever you heart is calling you to do.

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