October 24, 2020

Reflection in the middle of a Pandemic


"My thoughts"

We left last year in hopes of having a greater new year, but to our surprise, our world was turned upside when we came face to face with a real-life pandemic. This year has rocked us all to the core and although we haven't crossed that finish line just yet, there are some great things that have came out of this. Being in quarantine has given more time for ourselves, the most important thing is reflection. At the beginning of quarantine I, like others was considered an essential worker.

In that time I was able to reflect and realize that I craved more out of my life. So, what if I was working, I was grateful for that but I had reached my breaking point. I grew so tired of working for a company that really didn't value me for who I was. I grew tired of just daydreaming and not putting the work into my own dreams. 2020 made me realize just how important I needed to invest in me.

So, I prayed and prayed, and finally, God answered my prayer, he removed me out of one situation, placing me into another one that I am to advance in but also invest in myself. This year has been a rollercoaster but what this year really represents is that life is too short to just exist, take up space. Life is meant to be lived, go after those dreams, don't take NO as an answer. Keep pushing and moving forward. 

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