August 05, 2020

Google AdSense didn't pay me my first $100, How I'm making money now!

 Your account is disabled, I thought I was the only one to have this problem with Google AdSense but after further investigation, I found I am not the only one. Google AdSense is an ad program offered by Google that can be used for ads on your blog and YouTube channel. It’s one of the biggest ad programs that has helped a lot of content creators over the years since it’s rollout. Although there’s a good side to this there is also a downside.


I remember 5 years ago, I was happy that I was almost at the threshold to cash out my first payment from google. I was excited that I had put so much work into my blog that it was now going to pay off, literally. Well, the closer I got to cash out with is ($100), I received this message “Account Disabled”. Google clearly claims that the “account was disabled for invalid click activity”. How can this be determined?, either way, I wasn’t able to monetize any of my content. So, how was I going to make money now, well after searching I found other alternatives.

There are a host of websites that offer pay per clicks programs, one I love to use, is the global leader in authentic social commerce for YouTube, Instagram, and social media influencers and can also be used for your own ads. To make ads simply create your links from your choice of retailer, collect an image you want to use, create the HTML code and link your link to the code and paste the ad to your blog.


I want to give you all an update, there's another site I've been using to make money online through PPC(Pay per click). The site is shop style collective, for the influencer on the go, they have a lightweight app that gives you everything you need to quickly create text links, the app is called LINKIT available for download in the app store. Download Collective LinkIt app now!

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