My frustrations with youtube....

Over my course of 7 years of doing youtube, I have seen and felt so many changes with the video streaming site. In the beginning, basically, anyone could start a channel and monetize their content, nowadays you are required to have 4,000 hours watch time and 1, 000 subscribers. I have to ask myself why would youtube change their requirements if they were making money regardless. Well, their reasons are their reasons,  and one being that many brands were pulling away from because of some of the content being posted was not 'advertiser friendly'. I say that was just a nicer way of saying of if you're not bringing in the money like bigger youtubers were going to make it harder on the smaller ones.

We've seen the backlash from a bigger youtuber who posted a video of a dead body on their channel, but before the backlash, he received money from ad revenue from that same video. Since I see youtube trying to take control of this but with them doing that it will still hurt smaller channels. Now, I know you asking yourself, Well why are you still doing youtube and not getting paid?. Well, for me it's not so much about the money, of course, that will be a plus and it will come one day, but its more for the exposure. Millions of people surf youtube daily and I'm a firm believer that one day with the right tools I can achieve all those things.

Although it is becoming harder to be in the search engines, I feel there are tools we can utilize to become successful on youtube or just the web in general.  Just like anything in this world, we have to stay one step ahead. I can't lie I get frustrated with youtube but that was the first site that I felt comfortable with to showcase 'Latisha'. Also, now I'm not just focused on creating only content for youtube, I'm now creating for my own site and facebook page. ←click here

Overall,  I love youtube and hate it. But it's my baby and I can't leave it behind I put too much time and energy in building my platform. I just want everyone to keep moving forward and break through barriers. Let's continue to work hard and smart.