Hey Lovebugs!
Today's topic is re-evaluation, there comes a time in our lives where we have to just sit back and think things over. Question ourselves on how can we make improvements. For instance, How can we achieve our success story? It's a good question. Well here are my thoughts, first if you want prosperity you have to make a plan, think of the pros and cons, create a time frame. Treat everything as a business opportunity.

If your like me, your employed by a company that's build on someone else's dream, I often think of what was their plan and how they achieved their success. I have also learned that you shouldn't feel about stepping out your comfort zone on faith and doing something that you don't know how everything is going to turn out. So of the best decisions involve stepping out on faith. God will never lead you in the wrong direction. With another year just around the corner I have no choice but to reflect on this past year and see all my accomplishments and not- no accomplishments.

So where you go from here? Well for starters, don't beat yourself up just remember you are exactly where God wants you be. Continue keeping him first. Secondly, take those risks how will you know if something worked or not if you never even took a chance. Thirdly, live you life to the fullest. Life is too short to just exist.

" Always remember why you started"