Today's movie involves a very serious topic that shouldn't be taken lightly, hazing. 
Burning Sands is an Netflix original film that was released in January 2017, Directed by Gerard McMurray, Starring Alfre Woodard, Steve Harris, Trevor Jackson, Imani Hakim, Trevante Rhodes, Tosin Cole, Nafessa Williams, Rotimi, Octavius J. Johnson, Mitchell Edwards, DeRon Horton and Serayah McNeill.

This film has has brought hazing back into the light and it's very great to have this topic back in the headlines, many have died pledging. Something has to be done about this crime.
Now the story is told by Zurich Condoll who is a student at Frederick Douglass University and proud of to be pledging but the anti-hazing has driven his veteran members to be vicious, trying to make or break the new pledgers. How far will they go in order to cross the burning sand?