Do you love DIY's just as much as I do?, If the answer is yes you'll love this one.
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Glass Jars
Yarn or String. Thickness may vary to add a different look.
Spray Paint. Any color
Newspaper. This is used lay down while spraying the jars.
Candles (same amount as jars)
Towel (used to dry jars)


Clean jars it's important there smooth and cleaned so pull off stickers
Cut long strings of yarn, enough to go around the jar multiple times.
 Wrap the yarn around the jar; make sure to leave the start open for tying off at the end.
 Once done wrapping, tie the end with the start to keep the pattern.
Cut off the extra yarn from the knot.
Lay down paper or newspaper for your painting area.
If needed put blocks on the corners of the paper so they do not roll up.
Turn the jars upside so the open side of the jar is on ground, this is so the paint does not get into the inside of the jar
Space the jars out, at least a foot apart of each other. This is so you can fit the spray can in-between the gaps and one jar doesn't get more paint than another.
Use the spray paint to paint, keep the can around 6 inches away from the jar while spraying. This is important to keep the paint from dripping   
Go over the whole jar and over the yarn, make sure to get in-between the yarn for the best pattern
Make sure to maintain a equal coat
Cut the yarn at the end of the string by the knot for best results and easiest for removal. *Be careful not to hit the jar with the scissors.
Un-wrap the yarn from the jar.