Actress, Singer, and Now a Radio Personality this is what makes Kim a threat to most. The Vivacious twenty-two year old is making her dreams a reality and doing a fabulous job at making a name for herself. With a internship at WAAW 94.7FM The Shout, Kim is destined to shine. She's an example that when one door closes another one opens. She may be small but her presence is always known and once you have felt it she'll leave a big imprint on your heart.

Latisha: Who is Kim?
Kim: What do you mean?

Latisha:  I mean, How would you describe yourself?

Kim: I would describe myself as confident... driven... humble... God fearing....dramatic (laughs)...artistic... learning how to live life beyond the fullest and out going.

Latisha: How did you become a host at The Shout 94.7FM?

Kim: I have to do a internship to graduate so I searched and searched and came in contact with Ruben Freeman and he was like he work at a radio station and I was like no and he was like yeah. (giggles) So he asked me what area I wanted to concentrate in then the rest is history I'm just very thankful cause  I had no idea I would be doing this...

Latisha: So you never had any interest in radio at all?

Kim: I wanted to be on the radio with music but speaking/ hosting is like something I never considered until I got to college and doors began opening and I am like this is it...You know where we are from this is unheard of.

Latisha: You are absolutely right, people seem to look down on you. What else are you involved in now that your apart of The Shout, any events your going to be attending, any artists your going to be interviewing?

Kim: I am apart of SGA, I am the president of our housing association, you know I am a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. and I write for the student news paper and at The Shout we just interviewed Ronald S. Martin of Washington Watch on the 22nd of January. Artists come in and out all the time. Eventually I would like to still do music and get into acting and host my own talk show and radio show one day.

Latisha: Girl you are superwoman...(laughs) Whose your ideal artist to interview?

Kim: Wow,  I would really like to interview actress' Angela Bassett and Lorretta Devine, Artist Jennifer Hudson.

Latisha: Great choices,Who inspires you?

Kim: My Mother and Father. Obama... Myself because through God we make the impossible possible which is my logo and my brand motto.

Latisha: Girl Chuch(laughs) That's a great motto Kim. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Kim: I see myself with my own TV/radio show and appearing in movies... Being a business mogul first though

Latisha: I can definitely see you there, you are such a hard working person you deserve all the success. So where you are from there aren't a lot of opportunities, why do you think it's like that?

Kim: It's because people are driven but aren't willing to move their feet, they become a product of their environment. Plus there's nothing is in Winnsboro, people begin to get it set in their minds that you can't do anything or advance because there's nothing is here for me it's the lack of education, many are eager to graduate from high school but they seem to just stop there and don't try to forward their education. Lack of education means lack of jobs in today's society.

Latisha: Girl you are going in, speaking nothing but the truth though.. Now you said that you would still like to do music, as a artist what genre would we find Miss Kimmy in?

Kim: Honestly I use to say hip hop,  but nowadays probably R&B and Gospel, they tend to have more what I'm looking for when it comes to music.

Latisha: OK.. Anyone artist you would love to collaborate with?

Kim: Not specifically, maybe someone from the older generation.

Latisha: What advice would you give to someone about accomplishing their dreams?

Kim: When it comes to accomplishing a dream never give up and always have more than a plan B... also come into things with a open heart and mind... I ask God "If I be dumb for a season, Lord don't let me be dumb my entire life." don't let things that are a burden or
obstacle be something that defines you.

Interact with Kim