Movie Recommendation| Urban Hymn

"The only way out is find your voice"
Urban Hymn is a film about choices, you can either do good or bad. Sometimes we have people that leach on to us for bad reasons and it can be hard at times to let them go. I love this movie because there's a big redemption song in it. This Michael Caton Jones Film stars  Letitia Wright, Shirley Henderson, Isabella Laughland, Steven Mackintosh, Billy Bragg. Released in Septemeber 11, 2015.

The story is told through the eyes of young troubled teen, Jamie. who possesses an amazing singing voice, also an inspiring social worker, Kate that encourages her to use it for a better life. Jamie's loyalty is soon tested between Kate and her volatile friend Leanne, who sends her down a path she doesn't know she can come back from.