Movie Recommendation| Plug Love

Released in 2017
    Based on a novel
This spicy urban love story that's filled with just the right amount of love, lies, and deceit to keep you on the edge of your seat. It guides you through the streets of Detroit in the eyes of Murda Pain and takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. The streets of Detroit are a jungle and Murda is just trying to survive the best way he knows how. With a family to feed and a queen by his side, he has no room to fail. However, everyone knows that living the fast life leads to two roads: death or a jail cell. Will he make it out the game with his life and freedom, or will he fall victim to the streets? Carmen has everything that a woman could dream of. She's the successful owner of one of Detroit's hottest hair salons, and she's engaged to a man that spoils her with a life of luxury. However, loving her fiance isn't always easy. After dealing with his lies and cheating for so long, she unexpectedly finds solace in the arms of another man.