5 Great Hacks with Toothpaste

Hey Lovebugs!
Today's hacks are nothing less than amazing, using an everyday such as toothpaste can do more than just brushing our teeth with. 

1. Clean Nails
Toothpaste can clean your fingernails, cover them with a small amount of paste leave on for a few minutes and rinse off with warm water.

2. Stains
Wanna get rid of wooden stains? Forget the harmful chemicals just apply a little toothpaste to the stain and wipe off. 

3. Odors
If you hate the onion, garlic or fish odor that may be on your hands just apply toothpaste to hands and wash, the smell with disappear.

4. Goggles
Cover the inside of the goggles with a thin layer of toothpaste then wash it off. This will help with them not getting steamed up while swimming.

5. Car
Toothpaste can clean your car headlights from the dirty to clean and slick. Abrasive material is contained in modern toothpaste which is works wonderfully for cleaning.