Hey Lovebugs!

I can't believe we are 11 days in 2017 and EVERY year we have those new year resolutions some may or not accomplish.  I have a lot of things that I have set for myself this year I'll share those later but today I want to talk about just one and that goal is FREEDOM which include finance and career. This year I'm going to be able to be financially free of the check to check income and be able generate my own income that goes right into my career path. I've always hated having to rely on anyone for anything. So the whole limited income thing just isn't enough, I want it ALL.
I'm such a BIG DREAMCHASER that I can't even force myself to just settle the older I get I'm beginning to realize that you really have to live outside the box and just hustle. Hard work truly pays off.
How can this be acommplishable? That is something we're going to find out together.
I will keep you all updated through YT videos and posts.


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