5 Beauty Helpful Hacks

Hey Lovebugs!
 Today I will be sharing some helpful beauty hacks that all girls need to know.

1. Mix a little peppermint oil into your lip gloss to give your lips a plumping boost.

2. Use a white or light eyeliner to really make your eyes pop (or hide how tired/hungover you are). 

3.  If you accidentally purchase a foundation that’s too dark, adding a bit of moisturizer to your mix can help lighten it.

4.  Give yourself a healing foot treatment while you sleep. Apply peppermint moisturizer or Vaseline to your tired and cracked feet, and then throw on some comfy, cushioned socks. And head to bed. That’s it. Wake up with soft, smooth feet. 
 5. Add a little bit of cornstarch to a glossy polish to give a matte finish.