WEDNESDAY| Movie Recommendation #21

Hey Lovebugs!
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1. Hear No Evil(Starring Jahnee Wallace,Jill Marie-Jones, Richard T. Jones,Jackie Long)

Released in 2014

A freak accident jolts 15 year-old Shelby Carson (Jahnee Wallace) from her peaceful world of silence and seclusion to the center of a world of chaos, confusion and imminent danger. As she struggles to cope with her new found circumstances, Shelby battles with what she learns about the people around her; complete strangers and her dearest loved ones. What seems to be a blessing from God on the surface, could very well be a curse that will rock her family to the core. Relationships are tested, secrets revealed, in this untold story of family, faith and the resolve of a young girl in spite of her circumstances.

2. CRU(Starring Keith Robinson, Sammi Rotibi, Antwon Tanner, Richard T. Jones, Alison Eastwood, Melissa De Sousa, Harry Lennix, Will Holman

Released in 2014

When four high school best friends' lives are dramatically changed on the night of a near fatal accident, eighteen years later they're reunited, only to discover that a set of past and present secrets will alter the course of their futures forever.