Wednesday Movie Recommendations

Hey Lovebugs!

Your movie recommendations are here.

1. 730:The Movie(Starring Tru, Jamal "Gravy" Woodlard)


Released in 2015

A modern day urban tale centered around a young man named Tru, who recently came home from jail and is fighting to stay on the right path for the sake of his son. Not too long after his release, Tru finds himself struggling to be an average man while he battles with his son's mother, the law, and the streets.

2. 2Eleven(Chamar Avery, Murda Pain, Martell Lane)


Released in 2014

Two brothers, Zo & Murda, who along with their partner Rell, slowly grow from an operation of robbing dice games to robbing big-time drug dealers. You have Zo, who works to provide a better life for his daughter, Natty, Then there’s Murda, whose motivation is inspired by an addiction to the fast life.