No More Withdrawals..Between Women Is Back

Heyyy Lovebugs!
When it comes to a great web series, I’m always going to tune in so with Between Women every Tuesdays I did just that. This show is so relative from cheating, domestic violence, baby drama, falling back in love with a ex, ETC everyone can relate these situations. That’s what I absolutely love about Between Women, It speaks to everyone no matter your sexual orientation. I applause the writers/producers for such great writing and casting, I love seeing my independent sisters and brothers doing for themselves,living in their truth and sharing with the world their creativity. We appreciate you!
Between Women brought us 2 seasons of laughs and drama but the last episode of season 2 left us on a cliff hanger, OH NO!! If you were like me every week you were checking Youtube for any updates on the show, watching old episodes just to ease your pain. Then the questions… When is it coming back? Are they coming back? Is it going to be on a TV Network?, so many questions were left unanswered but as of June 2,2015, Between Women has announced they will be returning for Season 3! I’m so happy to see them back. I can’t wait for episode 1, I just have to know what happened to everyone from Miller being locked up, Rhonda being raped, Winney still pregnant and all the other drama.
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Stay Tuned for Season 3
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