Matt Mob Delivers Pure Heat

avatars-000097527963-8as2z7-t500x500Matt Mob is bringing Pure Heat to South Carolina, this summer is about to get even hotter. I’m so proud of him he’s so talented. It’s only the beginning for rap artist Matt Mob, with two mixtapes in deep he’s proven this is where he’s meant to be. His latest mixtape is entitled Pure Heat, it definitely lives up to its name. Matt Mob has worked hard on this mixtape, giving his fans exactly what their looking for.
Featuring artists Ben G, Steve Rox, Jasmine Phoenix, Capo Cheese, Marcus Allen, Kesha Drew, Jesse Davis, Melodik Tonez, Macon Hamilton, LeLe BadBad. Pure Heat is literally a masterpiece, Matt Mob keeps on delivering and serving it up. Giving us that real R&B and Hip Hop that we’ve been striving for. If you thought his first mixtape “Sex Games” was enough your wrong!! Let’s continue supporting our boy

Matt Mob, Download “Pure Heat” HERE

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