There’s money to be made, become a Field Agent

Hey Lovebugs! I have another app to share with you all, picture yourself getting paid just from snapping photos at your local stores and answering a few questions. The is app is called Field Agent. Here’s how you get started. 

-Getting Started

They leverage the power of crowdsourcing to connect people sitting in a workplace (Clients) with smart phone users (Agents) to provide useful information from anywhere in the world.

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Visit the iTunes App store and do a search for “Field Agent”. It’s as easy as looking for the trademark tie. Field Agent is currently available on iOS devices such as the iPhone (3GS and newer), iPod touch and iPad.

-Sign Up and Complete your Agent Profile

Complete the sign up process and once you have access you will be prompted to fill out a few profile questions. Make sure you complete these accurately, they are critical to making sure you see jobs in the system! You get paid through PayPal.

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-Start looking for jobs Near You

From the main navigation window tap the “Find Jobs” button to see the “Job Search” page. From here you can locate jobs through the “Jobs List" or through the ”Map View." Select a job to see additional details and accept it.

Once a job has been selected, you will have two hours to complete the task.  Be sure you’re near the objective before you start the task.

Types of Projects

  • Audits(fact finding) | Data gathering

On Shelf Availability
Compliance (Display, Planogram, Demo, Signage)
Product Assortment
Demo Confirmation
Price Checks

  • Research(Opinions | Insights)

Concept Testing
Mystery Shopping