My Wednesday Recommendation #11

Hey Lovebugs! More Recommendations for you.

1. Doughboys (Starring Kirk ‘Sticky Fingaz’ Jones, Wood Harris, Cory Hardrict, Reagan Gomez-Preston, Arlen Escarpeta,  Maurice ‘Mo’ McRae, Gabriel Casseus, Lorenzo Eduardo)


Released in 2009

For the ‘doughboys’ everyday is a struggle to survive. Determined to make something of their lives, these four friends work any hustle no matter how risky. But when they bite off more than they chew, their loyal bond is tested as they fight to stay alive. The rules of the street that they live by are the very rules that could destroy them.


2. Fast Girls (Starring Lenora Crichlow, Lily James, Lorraine Burroughs, Lashana Lynch, Noel Clarke)


Released in 2012

A street smart runner develops an intense rivalry with an equally ambitious wealthy young athlete.Can they put aside their differences when they become teammates on the National Women’s Relay Team?


3.  Strapped (Starring Bokeem Woodbine, Fredro Starr, Michael Biehn, Isaiah Washington)


Released in 1993

Ex-con attempting to go straight runs across serious problems. His girlfriend gets arrested, in a desperate attempt to get the charges dropped he strikes deal with weapons cop to turn in local gun dealers. When the D.A. isn’t satisfied it results in some serious game playing and double crossing.


4. Holiday Heart (Starring Ving Rhames, Alfre Woodard, Mykelti Williamson, Jesika Reynolds)


Released in 2000

A drag queen(Holiday) takes in a drug addict and her daughter but when Wanda(the mother) falls back into her addiction it leaves Holiday to give up his own dreams to care for the child.