It began with paper and a pen.
A week ago on August 10,2013 is where it all started with such BIG success for film 'KARMA' .With nothing but outpouring support from family & friends 'KARMA' has gotten a lot of buzz not just locally but nationwide. I can see a movie like this going on to win awards at any film festival.(I said it first so when it happens credit me for that).lol. The Film stars Shayne "Blazel" Johnson, Derrick "Deezy Slim" Holley & Regina Moffett. 'KARMA' was wrote & directed by Blazel & Deezy Slim and Co-Produced by Bryant Ruff. The two men play best friends(who in reality are best friends) in the film, it's the tell of betrayal of two best friends. I'm NOT going to tell you detail from detail about the film just know that 'KARMA' is a MUST SEE! If you weren't at the premiere don't feel bad you can purchase your very own DVD of 'KARMA' here.

I'm so proud to see these two young men doing great for themselves. Your fans love you and want to see you do more films, so go head and add ACTOR to your resume. So, Will there be a 'KARMA 2'? Only time will tell but until then continue supporting DUST HOUSE ENTERTAINMENT.  

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